A young man. Tall and inhumanly lean, with long, tangled fair hair. He crouched on the floor where he landed, touching the ground to brace himself.

Claws. His hands had claws, actual curved claws. The backs of his hands were covered with bristly fur. His clawed feet were bare and furry. Dark fur spread down across his throat from his jaw until it disappeared under his collar.

A tail. He had a tail, slim and prehensile, snaking out from beneath the tattered hem of his long coat. It flicked from side to side like a metronome. Despite the fur and tatters, he was handsome, really, with large green eyes and a sharp, straight nose.

In Preppies of the Apocalypse, Conrad is a changeling who has traveled back in time twenty years to bring Ivy Garrett back to his own time--the end of human existence--so that she might assume her rightful place as ruler.