Wrong City

Wrong City is a 2012 novel by Morgan Richter.

While serving hors d'oeuvres to the beautiful people at a glittery Hollywood party, an aspiring young screenwriter named Vish meets Sparky, a charismatic stranger who claims he can do amazing things for Vish’s career. Vish’s attempts to find out more about Sparky set in motion a string of bizarre events, leading to a cushy writing gig on a hit TV series and a too-good-to-be-true romance with Troy, a sweet-natured starlet with a dangerous alter ego.

After Troy dumps him without explanation, a heartbroken Vish tries to uncover what went wrong in their relationship. His quest for answers leads him deep into Los Angeles’ seedy, supernatural underbelly, where struggling artists are a disposable commodity and fame often comes at a mortal cost. Vish finds himself at the center of a high-stakes battle between ancient forces for dominance in the entertainment industry. With a foul creature living in the earth beneath his apartment complex, a vicious coterie of murderous surf bums dogging his every move, and a disturbing lack of trustworthy allies, Vish’s best chance for survival lies with the mysterious and powerful Sparky. Vish must track down Sparky before he becomes the latest victim of Hollywood’s deadly allure.

Connection to Demon City:
Morgan Richter's Demon City is a sequel to Wrong City.

In the links below, major plot spoilers, plus most spoilers for Demon City, are blacked out. Highlight the blackened areas to read.

Main Characters in Wrong City:
Michael Viswanathan Kuyavar (Vish)
Sparky Mother
Poppy Kang
Kelsey Kirkpatrick
Troy Van Ellen
Officer Diana Guerrero
Lon Hartford
Isabella Madre
Ridpath Washburn

Secondary Characters in Wrong City:
Kate Kuyavar
Freddie Halterman

Interstellar Boys
Los Angeles' supernatural hierarchy
Sparky Mother's business card