Demon City

Demon City is a 2014 novel by Morgan Richter. It's sequel, of sorts, to Wrong City.

In her followup to WRONG CITY, Morgan Richter once again takes readers inside a treacherous, alluring version of Los Angeles, where enigmatic supernatural forces manipulate the oblivious inhabitants from behind the scenes.

Felix Dockweiler—former model, current entertainment reporter, and the star of such films as "Frat Party USA"—yearns for fame at any cost. A callow young Omaha native struggling to make an impact in image-obsessed, celebrity-driven Hollywood, Felix torments, exhausts, and starves himself while chasing after a goal that always lies just out of his grasp.

Felix’s fragile status quo is disrupted when a seductive yet violent pair of fire demons blaze into town and rack up a body count while hunting down his troubled younger brother, Michael. As the temperature rises and out-of-control wildfires threaten the city, Felix’s own search for Michael takes him from Hollywood parties to Skid Row flophouses and all points in between. To save Michael, Felix pursues a dangerous alliance with Sparky Mother, a charismatic and unfathomably powerful entertainment mogul with more than a few skeletons in his closet. Meanwhile, Felix’s attempts to secure the job of his dreams begin to look more and more like a negotiation for his mortal soul.

The below character lists could be considered vaguely spoilerish. You've been warned.

Main Characters in Demon City
Felix Dockweiler
Michael Dockweiler
Young Park
Loudon Strong
Tasha Drummond
Sparky Mother
Poppy Kang

Secondary Characters in Demon City:
Jenny Sharp
Detective Guerrero
Ridpath Washburn
Kelsey Kirkpatrick
Donya Kashani
Laurie Sparks
Charlotte Dent

The Big Boom
Canary Red
Los Angeles' supernatural hierarchy
Sparky Mother's business card