Ivy Garrett

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. She looked a little bonkers. Her hair, dark and cut bluntly at her chin, still looked smooth and tidy, but her expression was wide-eyed and crazed. There were bright splotches of blood down the front of her once-pristine shirt.

In Preppies of the Apocalypse, Ivy Garrett is the librarian at Riversmeet Preparatory. Due to the brutal murders of her parents the previous summer, Ivy now has custody of her younger brother Kit. Ivy is cold and prickly, particularly where Kit is concerned.

She is also a changeling, a malevolent supernatural creature who was switched shortly after birth with the real baby Ivy Garrett.

There are two other versions of Ivy from different timelines: the first Ivy, known as Apocalypse Ivy, who is the most powerful of all the various Ivys, and a one-armed insane creature (Insane Ivy), whose bones Conrad has been draining of marrow in an attempt to release Apocalypse Ivy from a stone prison.