Secondary Characters in Disconnected

Katrina Tyler
Katrina was still single. Had been single for a long time. And might be a tad annoyed that her little cousin had come to town and hooked up in her first week.

Katrina is Rebecca's cousin and Richard's colleague. She is not a big fan of either Mark or Andrew, although she does eventually sleep with the latter.

Andrew Watson
The breakup had more to do with the emotional immaturity and the total lack of responsibility. And the cheating. Probably ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of it was because of those three reasons. The inability of him to pick up on her vocal clues was probably only half a percent or so.

Andrew is Rebecca's ex-boyfriend. He would rather be her ex-ex-boyfriend. Or, as some people call it, her boyfriend.

Agent Paul Mills
“I think if we stop him from making the call, we might get a clue to what he was trying to achieve by doing it.”

Agent Mills is a Federal investigator who is the first to suspect Mark and the others of cheating the share market.

Agent Scott Darcy
“Give Darcy the go-ahead. Stop Campbell from making his call.”

Agent Darcy is the agent who tries to prevent Mark from completing the required phone call to maintain the space-time continuum. For his trouble, he is murdered by Mark's doppelgänger (The Other Mark).