Secondary Characters In Hooked

Tina Brook-Owen
Jesus, Tina. Had she just been waiting out here for Jess to come up with a decision? There must have been a time when Tina was capable of doing this job without her. Where was that woman?

Tina is Jess's boss and the owner of Brook-Owen Productions, a television production company that really needs one of its TV shows to be a success.

Seth O'Leary
Intriguing. Seth was cute. The notion of dating him was not without its charms.

Seth is the director of UNCTSI, the United Nations Centre for Time-Shifted Individuals.

Bobby Shearer
Bobby was no schemer. He was a schemee

Bobby is an aspiring actor, willing to appear on a reality TV show as eye-candy if that will help further his career. He does not, however, want to appear in any way devious or manipulative. This does not seem a major threat, despite Jess's best attempts.

Eugene Brelsford
He was a systems engineer, with a love of superhero comics and live roleplaying. So they clearly hadn’t rejected him for a lack of geekiness

Eugene is one of the early suspects in Jess's murder, as she explores the possibility that he wanted to extract revenge on her for cutting him from The Geek Technique. However, it turns out that he is instead a campaigner for an anti-hooking movement.

Abigail Sawyer
She’s a mess. All over the place. And she’s insistent I go on that stupid date tomorrow night.

Abigail is Jess's mother. She is desperate for Jess to settle down with a man. Or even Charlie.

Evie Smit
“Ultimately, Evie wants what’s best for the network. If you bring us something good, she’ll be okay.”

Evie is a network television producer. Ultimately, she is the one to decide whether or not Jess's new show, King of the Island, will be made or not.