Ivy found herself staring at a pile of green reflective glass. It resolved itself into the shape of a large dragon, about half the height of the hill. It lay on the black sand, its tail curled around its body, its long neck resting on the ground. Enormous eyes were closed in apparent slumber. Its body was constructed of thousands of overlapping scales made of iridescent green and yellow glass; they rippled in a breeze like feathers and reflected the sunlight.

The dragon stirred at Conrad’s approach. It raised its neck and tilted its head to face the visitors, its movements slinky and graceful. Its eyelids snapped open to reveal gold glass eyeballs with enormous pupils that dilated to narrow slits in the light. Its nostrils flared as it raised its neck and nuzzled against Conrad’s shoulder.

Cadwallader is Conrad's glass dragon in Preppies of the Apocalypse. Cadwallader lives and breathes through a combination of Apocalypse Ivy's supernatural abilities and the dangerous changeling marrow.