“That’s probably part of the appeal. You’re old enough that her mother would wig out at the idea of you as her boyfriend, which makes it kind of fun and dangerous, but at the same time you’re sweet and gentle and bunny-rabbit cute, which neutralizes any real threat. That combination is catnip to teen girls. Trust me, I used to be an expert.”

Vish raised his eyebrows. “Bunny-rabbit cute?”

“Oh, yes,” Troy said. “Absolutely.” She winked at him.

Michael Viswanathan Kuyavar -- Vish -- is the protagonist of Wrong City and appears as a supporting character in Demon City. In his late twenties, Vish is a writer who has recently moved from New York to Los Angeles to try his hand at screenwriting. Thus far, he's had very little success: He's working as a caterer and living in a cruddy apartment in Venice Beach, and he can't interest anyone in his novel... until he meets the enigmatic Sparky Mother.

In Demon City, Vish is the very successful showrunner of the critically-acclaimed series Anathema. Sparky Mother pulled strings to get him the job; Vish, who wants nothing more to do with Sparky, is angry and horrified at the influence Sparky still has over his life. The plot of Anathema is a thinly-veiled allegory about Sparky's dangerous, supernatural corruption. Vish is now married to Officer (now Detective) Guerrero.