Erica Fallow

“Crud. How late am I?” Charlotte looked up at a new arrival. A woman, late thirties, tall and fair and willowy, wearing a floral wrap dress in wispy crepe.

“Don’t worry. We’re still signing in,” Charlotte said. 

“Good. I haven’t blown it. Have they collected headshots?”
“We’re supposed to hand them over when we go in.” 

The woman looked so familiar, sounded so familiar… Charlotte glanced over her shoulder while she signed in and snuck a peek at her name.

Erica Fallow. Of course. When the woman looked up at her, Charlotte blushed.

“I’m sorry. I thought that was you. I just wanted to make sure.”

In Charlotte Dent, Erica Fallow is a once-famous actress now relegated to auditioning for unpaid local theater. She becomes friends with Charlotte after Kyle Matthias casts them both in The Twilight Butler. She formerly starred in a television show called Mad World.