Charlotte Dent

The article, photo included, took up a third of a page. The photo was a little strange. They’d picked out her clothes, a peach crepe blouse that was pretty enough but nothing she’d wear on her own. Her face looked unfamiliar, her skin smooth and unlined. There was no surge of recognition when she stared at the photo. It was a picture of a pretty girl with a generic smile and a burst of blonde hair. 

Charlotte Dent is, naturally enough, the protagonist of Charlotte Dent. She's a 29-year-old aspiring actress in Los Angeles. She's been working as a legal secretary to make ends meet, and every day she sees her chance of ever making it big grow smaller.

Charlotte appears briefly in Demon City as Ridpath Washburn's costar in Anathema. Basically, she's playing the Poppy Kang to Ridpath's Sparky Mother.