Paragon Dufresne

Paragon Dufresne was a splotch of vivid color against all the muted grays, her strapless sundress the color of an ocean someplace Charlotte had never been. Saint-Tropez, maybe. Barbados. Crete. Pale hair, pulled off her face with a scarf, fell in an uninterrupted spill of a white sand beach over one shoulder. She was tiny and bronzed, primped and polished, her small face dominated by gigantic white sunglasses.

Paragon is a famous pop star-turned-actress in Charlotte Dent. Charlotte has a brief role in Harris Holt's Untitled Lana Turner Project, which stars Paragon as Lana.

She's mentioned briefly in Demon City, in which she appears to have been nominated for an Emmy. God help us all.