A man. Asian, forty or so. Shaved head, long black trench coat over jeans. He waved down at them. “The university’s been closed for years. If you were looking for books, I might’ve been able to hook you up, but I sold off the entire collection a month ago.”

In Lonely Satellite, Izumi is a postdoctoral student who maintains a laboratory in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Caltech in Pasadena. Izumi is desperately ill, probably from cancer caused by lingering radiation. His illness causes him to see hallucinated visions of an alternate reality. From his hallucinations, he recognizes Laurie Sparks as the designer/reality star depicted in Bias Cut.

Izumi has named his huge, antiquated, nonfunctional mainframe computers after the pilots in the original Japanese version of Voltron (GoLion).