Laurie Sparks

A magical fairy creature. A puff of white-gold hair darkening to copper at the roots, a face covered with well-applied makeup. Glossy peach lips, eyes lined in bronze and shaded with gleaming gold above a velvety black fringe of lashes. His skin was pale and creamy and flawless. He was tiny, maybe all of five-four in his black leather boots, which, Nicola noted, had bronze kitten heels. He wore a ruffled violet blouse underneath a shimmering silver-gray suit, which was meticulously tailored to fit his pixielike form.

Laurie Sparks is one of the main characters of Bias Cut and the protagonist of Lonely Satellite. He's twenty-two, beautiful, crazy-talented, and ridiculously spoiled.

In Bias Cut, he’s a wildly successful young fashion designer/reality television star. His clothing label is LSD (Laurie Sparks Designs), and he stars in the MTV reality series NYC Elite

In Lonely Satellite, he’s a Benedictine monk with a bullet scar and a shady past, wandering around a grim post-apocalyptic wasteland, dodging murderers and miscreants while falling in love.

In both the Bias Cut and Lonely Satellite timelines, he is romantically linked to Jonathan Frisch. His mother is former US Senator Maggie Sparks.

Laurie is mentioned by name, but does not appear, in Demon City.

His Twitter account is @HiLaurieSparks. He also blogs at Laurie Sparks Designs.