A very tall man entered the Coliseum. He had a shaved head and chestnut-colored skin. He wore a white sleeveless shirt that showed off his muscular arms and black canvas pants. His shoulder holster, with the shiny chrome butt of a handgun sticking out of it, was plainly visible. He was beautiful, with a face dominated by aggressively sculpted cheekbones. He moved gracefully in their direction, hands thrust in his pockets, face composed. Laurie and Jonathan rose to face him.

“You want access to the Archive?” the man asked. Traces of a Caribbean accent.

In Lonely Satellite, Escobar is Nicola Strozyk's husband. He lives in South Los Angeles. Thirty years after the nuclear attack that demolished the city, in a time when most schools have been permanently shuttered due to lack of funding, Escobar has re-opened the University of Southern California and has been operating it as an ad-hoc institute of higher learning, with people donating time and services to keep it running. It is implied that he's a very dangerous guy, though he seems outwardly very pleasant.