Kelsey Kirkpatrick

She had a mess of pale hair, cut short and jagged, which stuck up like a cloud of downy fluff around her head. She was very pretty, in a childlike way, and she seemed much too young to be at this party, amongst this collection of directors and producers and sundry members of the entertainment industry. The bulk of the guests were in their forties or beyond, Vish guessed, though it was hard to be certain with all the lean, toned bodies and tight, unlined skin on display.

Kelsey Kirkpatrick is a very young television/film actress who appears in both Wrong City and Demon City. She first came to fame as the star of a Nickelodeon series, Tweeners, then played a psychic space stowaway on the television show Interstellar Boys.

In Demon City, she's promoting her new movie, Frozen Inferno, in which she plays "...a singularly improbable climatologist struggling to expose a vast conspiracy about global warming" while also dealing with the fallout of her recently-leaked sex tape.