Poppy Kang

An Asian woman, Korean maybe, with bobbed copper hair and huge gold hoop earrings looked up at Sparky from underneath a thick sheaf of glossy bangs. ... She was extremely pretty and extremely made-up. Eyes lined in a thick layer of smudgy black, lashes long and spiky. She wore a gold tank dress covered in large sequins that glittered when she moved.

Poppy Kang is Sparky Mother's right-hand woman in Wrong City and Demon City. She's smart and sweet-natured and is always dressed to the nines. She grew up in Alhambra and was childhood friends with Demon City's Young Park. Unlike her boss, Poppy is probably not a supernatural being, though it's always possible. And it does seem entirely likely that she killed the surfer who was found dead in Vish's pool.

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