Interstellar Boys

He’d watched the entire series over the past week, streaming it online on his laptop in preparation for this meeting. They were currently in the middle of the third season, and the first season, if not quite amazing, had been fun and trashy in a cheerful and mostly inoffensive way. Troy was great in it, even though her role as a spaceship commander-slash-astrophysicist wasn’t a meaty one. She was sexy yet practical, managing to seem plausibly brainy even while scampering about a spaceship in silver hotpants and matching knee-high boots. The show was undeniably cheesy, but it was knowing, deliberate cheese with some wit behind it.

In the second and third seasons, though, it had derailed. Vish continued watching with a sinking sensation as interesting characters stagnated or vanished, as promising plotlines were abandoned or burdened with nonsensical complications. He’d slogged his way through the most recent episodes, because of course he’d need to be familiar with those, but it had been a struggle.

In Wrong City, Interstellar Boys is the campy science-fiction cable television show Vish writes for. Created by Freddie Halterman, it stars Troy Van Ellen, Ridpath Washburn, and Kelsey Kirkpatrick. It gets cancelled midway through the third season.

It is generally considered to be no damn good.