Simon Oliver

Simon showed up at the gym on Friday morning, dressed in sweats. Charlotte was there already; Paul hadn’t arrived yet, so she’d been doing a few stretches to warm up. And here was this young thing, elegant and thin to the point of frailty, with an abundance of dark hair and the most prominent cheekbones she had ever seen in real life. He looked relieved to see a friendly face. He crossed over to her, padding across the floor mats.

Simon Oliver is an English actor in Charlotte Dent. Known for high-tone UK television projects, he is cast as Charlotte's leading man in the big-budget Hollywood spectacle Queen of Angels. It does nothing to enhance his career, though he and Charlotte do strike up a romance. After the film's somewhat disappointing release and flat-out negative critical reception, he dumps Charlotte without warning and flees back to England, where he starts dating a Charlotte-esque actress named Camille Caldwell.

He is probably also romantically involved with his London flatmate/best friend Alex.