Queen of Angels

She broke out her copy of Queen of Angels and settled in to see what she had gotten herself into.

The artwork was weird: spectral, skeletal ink drawings, blotchy like a Rorschach test, solid blocks of powerful colors. The story itself was evocative and grim, all about a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles inhabited by wraiths and mutants and wretches. It was heavily steeped in Mexican culture: Catholicism blended with Santeria, Day of the Dead and mystic images. If she’d been a film executive, she’d be cursing right now that someone had snagged the rights before her. 

In Charlotte Dent, Queen of Angels is a comic book created by Freddie Martinez, and a feature film directed by Ted Darling. Shot in Vancouver, the Queen of Angels movie stars Taura Trejo, Simon Oliver, Charlotte Dent, and Sir John Hyde. It's a mild, though not catastrophic, critical and commercial failure.