Sparky Mother

The man was probably in his early thirties, a few years older than Vish, and thus was too old to be her date. He was pretty, slim and foxlike, with glossy black hair worn long in front, short in back. Dark eyes, a mad fringe of black eyelashes, dark golden skin. ... He wore what was almost certainly a terribly expensive suit, with sleek lines and a burnished shimmer to the fabric. He didn’t look familiar exactly, but he looked like someone Vish should know, like his life would be richer and more interesting for including him in his circle of acquaintances.

Sparky Mother is a pivotal character in both Wrong City and Demon City. Sparky is linked in some terribly important yet weirdly enigmatic way to the entertainment industry: No one quite knows what he does, but everyone's just a little bit terrified of him, even though he seems pretty affable and charming.

Sparky, in fact, is certainly not human. He's probably a demon; there's always a chance he's the Devil (as we discover in Demon City, he appears to keep human souls stored in cardboard boxes in his office). It's tough to get a handle on the extent of his powers: He can set people on fire with a glance; he can also heal people with a touch. He has alluded to the fact that his human form is not what he really looks like.

Sparky has really, really dumb business cards. And his phone never works. And he almost never shows up to his office. Nonetheless, he's an invaluable person to have on your side.

Sparky appears to be close friends with his friendly and glamorous henchwoman, Poppy Kang. Absolutely nothing is known about his personal life.