Except… Ah. At a booth in the far corner, sitting by himself, a bottle of beer on the table in front of him. Longish dark hair, an aristocratic nose, a black Hawaiian shirt. One of the surfers who attacked him on the beach, the ringleader. Vish was certain of it. ... The surfer looked up. He was several years older than Vish, with a tanned face and very dark eyes. His hair was pulled off his face in a loose ponytail; dark wisps of hair fell in his eyes.

His expression didn’t change at the sight of Vish. Then, finally, he smiled and settled back into the high wooden booth. “Balls,” he said.

Tommy is the leader of a gang of vicious surfers who menace Vish throughout Wrong City. Tommy is working for Sparky Mother's nemesis, the worm-creature who possesses Troy and Philip. Sparky kills Tommy, very casually, by setting him on fire with a glance.