Claire. Claire was a knockout. She had pale hair, stick-straight with a thick sheaf of bangs. Translucent skin and huge eyes that matched the color of her drink. She wore a backless violet blouse with dangling sleeves. She leaned forward and rested her elbows on the bar, careful not to trail her sleeves through somebody’s spilled beer, and took a long sip from her glass. Her jeans were cut low, well beneath her hips. With a concerted effort, Felix wrenched his attention away from the clear glimpse of her rear cleavage.

In Demon City, Claire is a supernatural creature--Sparky Mother calls her a fire demon--who comes to Los Angeles from another realm by passing through Michael Dockweiler's body. She can shift shapes at will, though it's an imperfect and impermanent transformation, and she can burn people with her touch.

Claire is a little bit in love with Felix Dockweiler, though that's not going to stop her from torturing and/or killing him in her pursuit of his brother Michael.

Claire is pretty much inseparable from her fellow fire demon Nicky, though the exact nature of their relationship is unknown.