“Hey, Felix,” Jamie said. He was still in his stage clothes, a tattered black vest over his otherwise bare chest and pin-striped trousers hacked off unevenly at the knees. His eyeliner had smudged and ran down his face in sweaty rivulets; his leathery biceps, covered in a blanket of interlocking tattoos that Felix had never been able to decipher, glistened. “Were you at the gig?”

Jamie, last name unknown, is Felix Dockweiler's roommate in Demon City.

Jamie is the lead singer of a band, Canary Red. A Wharton graduate, Jamie owns several properties in the Los Angeles area, and is in the process of opening a Korean restaurant on La Brea.

Somewhere in his forties, Jamie is laid-back and even-tempered. He's romantically involved with Young Park, and he's somewhat aware of the supernatural elements that rule Los Angeles.