Tasha Drummond

Left alone again, he looked around. On a shadowy end of the patio, Tasha sat by herself on the edge of a chaise lounge. She wore some kind of black-and-silver sequined jumpsuit that would probably look garish on anyone less inherently elegant. She bent forward and rubbed her bare foot, a high-heeled sandal on the wood floor beside her. He approached.

Tasha Drummond is the senior anchor of The Big Boom at the Atomic Network. At fifty, she's a well-respected reporter in Los Angeles. Originally from Compton, Tasha now lives in a big house in Baldwin Hills and drives a Mercedes. She's coldly competent and suffers no fools, though she does demonstrate a bit of a soft spot for Felix.

Up until the point Felix inadvertently broke her contract, it was entirely possible that Sparky Mother owed her soul.