Cerise Cherry

Cerise Cherry was in her early thirties. She had long, pale hair held off her face with a wide red leather headband. Pleated wool skirt, baggy cardigan over a white button-down shirt, enor-mous black motorcycle boots. No makeup, no jewelry, save for a slim gold ring through her right eyebrow. She carried a canvas backpack, Army surplus, in which she rooted around before producing a digital recorder and a notepad.

In Bias Cut, Cerise is a journalist at the New York Observer. A colleague of Donya Kashani's, she investigates the murder of Molly Gable at Nicola Strozyk's request.

In Lonely Satellite, Cerise is a journalist by day/topless waitress by night at a strip club called Rio. She lives with her boyfriend Mike in the subway tunnels, which is where she hides Laurie Sparks from Joel Sutton. She is killed by Ferris while investigating Joel.

In both timelines, Laurie is highly amused by her name.