Nicola Strozyk

A woman emerged from a doorway behind the long wooden circulation desk. She was very tall, one of the tallest women Laurie had ever seen, with broad shoulders and a muscular build. She wore jeans and a shapeless black sweater with an unraveling hem and mismatched patches at the elbows. Her feet were bare, and there was a long smudge of dust across one cheek. Her hair was very thick and brown, hacked off indifferently at her shoulders. She came out from around the counter, wiped her dusty hands on her jeans, and faced the new arrivals.

Nicola Strozyk is the protagonist of Bias Cut and an important secondary character in Lonely Satellite

In Bias Cut, she’s a forty-year-old researcher from Los Angeles who moves to New York, where she ends up working for young designer Laurie Sparks. She shares an apartment in Queens with Donya Kashani. Her ex-boyfriend is hotshot Los Angeles producer Alex Weinberg. She has some romantic sparks with Sandy Cowell. Born in Modesto, she went to school at UC Berkeley before working on the Sony Pictures lot in Los Angeles.

In the alternate timeline of Lonely Satellite, she’s the curator of the Archive, a massive library housed in the ruins of the USC campus. She lives in South Los Angeles with her husband, Escobar.

Nicola's Twitter account is here (Luft Books is using it these days).