A head of close-cropped white hair, a deeply-tanned rodent-like face. ... Dom was short and lean. A white tuxedo to match his tidy white hair, his face appearing almost orange above his white satin bow tie. When he looked up from the couple, his eyes caught Laurie’s. He nodded once at him, then continued his conversation.

In Lonely Satellite, Domninick is a disgraced Benedictine monk and an ally of Laurie Sparks's. After being kicked out of the monastery, Dominick began working in some vaguely shady capacity in the Saint-Tropez casino in Las Vegas. Dominick is probably quietly in love with Laurie.

An alternate-timeline version of Dominick exists in the Bias Cut universe in the secret Chapter Thirty-Eight, in which Laurie and Nicola Strozyk spy on Jonathan Frisch out on a date with him, which takes place while Jonathan is temping at Dominick's PR firm.