Jonathan Frisch

A young man. Early twenties. Very tall, very slender, with an admirable shock of dark hair that fell into his eyes. Probably hadn’t visited a barber anytime that summer. Skinny black jeans that made his long, long legs look like bicycle spokes, black plastic-framed glasses that somehow managed to draw even more attention to his high, sharp cheekbones.

In Bias Cut, Jonathan is Laurie Sparks’s childhood friend, former personal assistant, ex-lover, once-and-future soulmate, and co-star on the MTV reality show NYCElite.

In Lonely Satellite, Jonathan is the director of operations at the Church of the Scorched Earth in the Nevada desert. Previously, he was a night manager at Le Tigre, a Las Vegas casino. In the course of the book, he and Laurie meet and eventually become lovers.

Smart and low-key, Jonathan is also really, really hot.