Laurie Sparks Designs

Laurie Sparks Designs took up the eighth and ninth floors of a squat stone building in a cluttered SoHo neighborhood. As Laurie had mentioned, the LSD shop was on the ground floor. A small storefront space with a black awning with the LSD logo in ornate gold script above the door. Gold featureless mannequins, zombielike in their blankness, modeled belted wool coats in the windows. Clothes for cooler weather, a sign of autumn, which still seemed years away. Nicola glanced through the glass doors and saw throngs of stylish teen girls and hipster twentysomethings, all with artfully ragged haircuts and expensive shoes. Maybe the shop attracted tourists, too, fans of NYC Elite hoping to catch a glimpse of the dainty star, or maybe out-of-towners were scared off by the intimidating man with the wide shoulders and the expensive black suit who stood at the door—more menacing than a doorman, less thuggish than a bouncer, but undoubtedly encompassing both functions at once.

Laurie Sparks Designs (LSD) is the name of Laurie Sparks's fashion line and eponymous shop on Prince Street. According to Laurie's Wikipedia page, LSD cleared a profit of almost fifty million dollars the year before the events in Bias Cut.