Holmby Hills

The young man glanced at the “HOH” marked inside the collar and nodded. “Holmby Hills,” he said.

“What’s that?” she asked. In the three yards between the front door and the register, she’d somehow managed to lose track of Laurie. Ah, there he was, riveted by a display of glittery costume jewelry.

“Show on The CW last year. Lasted maybe half a season. You didn’t miss much,” he said. “Terrible stuff. Like Dynasty for teens, only they were trying too hard to make it campy, and that sucked all the fun out of it.”

Holmby Hills is a short-lived CW series starring Gina Davenport. When Molly Gable in the wardrobe department mentions to Laurie and Nicola that Joelle Sutton designed Gina's wardrobe, it sets in motion the events that lead to her murder.