NYC Elite

“Laurie Sparks? From NYC Elite? It’s on MTV, I don’t know if you’ve seen it.”

NYC Elite. A reality show, Nicola knew, though she hadn’t watched anything on MTV in years. Decades, maybe. She’d seen glossy advertisements plastered on subway walls and adorning the tops of cabs, some nonsense about a gaggle of nubile young creative types making their way in the big city. Actors, or artists, or an assortment of both.

It looked annoying as all hell. The title alone set her teeth on edge. “Never heard of her.”

In Bias Cut, NYC Elite is an MTV reality series, which features a cast of attractive young artists: actors, musicians, dancers, performance artists. The breakout star of the show's first (and only) season is Laurie Sparks. Nicola Strozyk first meets Laurie when she interviews him for Nash's website, HyperReality.

NYC Elite is produced by Bennett Wheeler for Clarion Productions.

After Laurie is attacked by Joel Sutton, he grows disenchanted with reality television and refuses to participate in a second season. Clarion threatens to sue him for breach of contract, but quickly backs down. The show is quietly canceled.