Maggie Sparks

At three-thirty, Laurie waltzed off the elevator, arm in arm with a middle-aged woman in a red pantsuit. She wore understated makeup; her unfussy brown hair was anchored behind her ears. Nicola recognized her on sight: Maggie Sparks, former United States Senator.

Maggie Sparks is Laurie Sparks's mother and the former junior US Senator from Pennsylvania, known for avidly pushing for unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Maggie appears in Bias Cut. She is divorced from Laurie's father, who lives in France.

She was murdered by Ferris on the orders of Joel Sutton in 2001, more than a decade before the events of Lonely Satellite. In the Lonely Satellite timeline, Maggie became the Secretary of Redevelopment after the global theromonuclear destruction in 1984.