Sergio Sarmento

A broad, brown man in a white sleeveless shirt and wide-legged cotton pants answered the door. He had bumpy skin and a warm, crooked smile. ... He had beautiful eyes, dark brown and rimmed with long lashes. He wore thick eyeliner, maybe even false lashes. Nothing about him apart from those eyes could be considered beautiful, but there was great warmth and appeal to him.

In Bias Cut, Sergio Sarmento is an Angolan fashion designer living in Paris. Sergio used to work for Kip Caprini and was friends with Joelle Sutton

In Lonely Satellite, he’s a street artist living in an abandoned skyscraper in New York City, who takes Laurie Sparks under his wing. A mural painted on the wall of Sergio's makeshift home appears to depict the New York skyline as it would have existed had the 1984 nuclear attack never taken place--i.e. the skyline that exists in the Bias Cut timeline.