The Archive

“What’s the Archive?” Laurie asked again.

“They’re a bunch of hoodlums.” Izumi grimaced. “And by that I mean genuine hoodlums. You want anything from the Archive, you can find them at the Coliseum.”

Jonathan frowned. “They’re storing books at the Coliseum? The one in Exposition Park?”

“No, the books aren’t there. You can tell them what you want, and they’ll take you to the books.”

“And I suppose they charge for that privilege,” Jonathan said.

“You’ve got it wrong. The Archive is like a library, and no one charges for a library. It’s all free. Not just books, either. They have magazines and videos and records and cassette tapes, everything. They’re just overprotective, that’s all, and if they think you’re up to anything funny, or if you’re with the government, they’ll beat you up or run you off.” Izumi shook his head. “As I said, hoodlums.”

In Lonely Satellite, the Archive is a massive library run by Nicola Strozyk, who, in a non-technological age where libraries and schools have mostly fallen into decay, is attempting to catalog and preserve as many books, newspapers, magazines, and videotapes as she can. While never specified by name, enough clues exist to pinpoint where the Archive is located: Doheny Library on the University of Southern California's campus.