Bias Cut foreshadowing in Lonely Satellite

There are two instances in Lonely Satellite where characters appear to be aware of the alternate timeline of Bias Cut:

1. At Caltech, Izumi's sickness-induced hallucinations seem to make him aware of the version of Laurie that exists in Bias Cut:

He smiled. “Some days I live in a house with a pool in Palo Alto and I'm married to Miss Oregon. Or maybe that was another life.”

Laurie frowned. Jonathan nodded. "When you don't get treatment, you live in Palo Alto with Miss Oregon?" His tone was gentle.

“We have two kids. Maybe they’ll go to Stanford one day, they’ve got good grades. Lots of extracurriculars. It’s much nicer there. And I’ve been spending more and more time there lately. One of these days, I’ll go there and never leave.” He nodded at Laurie. “You’re on television there, you know. Everyone knows you. My wife wears your clothes.”

2. The mural on the wall of Sergio Sarmento's loft appears to depict the Manhattan skyline as it exists in the Bias Cut timeline:

“This is beautiful,” he said.

Sergio approached his shoulder. “It’s how it should be. You see?” He gestured toward the windows, then toward his mural. “The buildings that are now gone, I have replaced them here. The buildings that should be, I have found their right place in the city.”

“The buildings that should be?”

“The buildings that would be here. The bombs, they should not have fallen. It was terrible and it was wrong.” Sergio observed his mural, his expression thoughtful. “If the bombs had not fallen in 1984, this is what Manhattan would be, here, now. Do you see?”