Secondary Characters in Wrong City

Jamie owns Comestibles, the catering company/shop in Venice Beach that Vish works for. Originally from Texas, Jamie is a former actress who trained under a San Francisco pastry chef.

Kate Kuyavar
Vish's hyper-competent and brainy older sister. Kate lives in Boston and is a gastroenterologist at Mass General.

Vish's skeevy landlord.

She took him by the hand and led him over to the couch, where a gaunt, gangly young woman with straight black hair and an excess of dark eyeliner lounged against the cushions. “I want you to meet my roommate. Lola, this is Vish. You remember me telling you about him.”

“Sure.” Lola lifted a thin white arm in the air and languidly waved it, flashing chipped cobalt nails in his direction. “Hey.”

Lola is Troy Van Ellen's roommate, who holds no illusions about Troy.

Freddie Halterman
Freddie Halterman, the lauded creator of Interstellar Boys, was in his late thirties, early forties maybe. He was quiet and contained, almost bashful. He wore a striped button-down shirt over stiff, dark jeans that somehow looked wrong on him: too new, maybe, or too high at the waist, or maybe Freddie just felt uncomfortable and unnatural in them, the way Vish felt whenever he wore a suit. Which is what he was wearing today, because this was a job interview, or something like it, and he wanted to look professional.

Freddie had a receding chin and a thick mustache that swamped his upper lip. When he smiled at Vish, the mustache moved up to smother his nostrils in brown fuzz.

An actress approached the craft services table. A day player, not a series regular. She was in costume, a skimpy toga-style dress in sparkly lavender taffeta. Her dark hair was arranged in an elaborate topknot of coiled braids. She had a snub nose and a prominent overbite, and while she was maybe shy of being a knockout, she looked lively and pretty. 

Carlotta is a bit player on an episode of Interstellar Boys. She disappears during production, probably murdered by Tommy's gang at the creature possessing Troy Van Ellen's behest.

“I’m Gina,” she said. She was small-boned and birdlike, with a lot of pale curly hair and delicate features. The bones of her shoulders protruded like aborted wings from either side of her tank top straps. White leggings made her legs look skeletal. “Diego was my roommate.”

Gina is an actress whom Vish encounters while searching for DiegoXG, the man who left a mysterious message-board post about Sparky Mother.

A young man stared at him. Korean, early twenties, jeans and Converse and a green hoodie. ... He looked like a slightly old college kid, maybe a grad student at UCLA or USC.

Philip tries to help Vish when Vish gets sick in the Korean cafe after he's poisoned by Sparky Mother. Philip is actually possessed by the same malevolent worm-creature that possessed Troy Van Ellen.