Joelle Sutton

At first glance Laurie thought she was young, maybe a teenager, and then something about her appearance seemed to change and settle, and he realized she was well into middle-age. She had white-blonde hair, straw-dry and thin, her scalp visible in patches. Her skin looked translucent, almost a pale blue, stretched too tight across her high cheekbones. She was scary-thin and unwell, with bare arms like chicken legs, ropy and knobby under a sleeveless cashmere sweater with a draping cowl neck. Her eyes met his in the mirror. She was beautiful, or had been beautiful in the not-distant past. Ill health radiated from her, waves of sickness and despair.

Joelle Sutton is Joel Sutton’s twin sister.

Before the events in Bias Cut begin, Joelle Sutton is already dead, having been murdered by Jerry Palamara in a hit arranged by Kip Caprini and Gina Davenport. A talented designer with a troubled past, Joelle’s life was plagued by addiction and abuse.

In Lonely Satellite, Joelle is in the advanced stages of metastasized breast cancer. She lives with Joel Sutton in his Park Avenue penthouse and in their Greenwich family home.