Gina Davenport

Gina Davenport met them at the door. Barefoot, in skintight jeans and a flowery chiffon tunic. She had a wineglass in one hand, filled with something pale and bubbly. She smiled at them, veneers and dimples flashing. ... Gina had to be approaching fifty now, though she looked at least a decade younger, even without makeup. Smooth skin pulled tight across her cheeks and brow, breasts high and full.

Gina Davenport is the former star of a 1980s television series called Togetherness and the face of the Caprini fashion line. She's way too fascinated by Laurie Sparks. She's bad news.

In Bias Cut, she recently starred in a short-lived WB television series called Holmby Hills, as well as a quickly-canceled reboot of L.A. Law. She and Kip Caprini conspire to murder Joelle Sutton and Molly Gable and attempt to kill Laurie Sparks.

In Lonely Satellite, she hosts a talk show on the Atomic network called L.A. Elite. She’s married to Kip Caprini. Along with Kip, she drugs and kidnaps Laurie Sparks with the intention of raping him. Laurie is saved through the intervention of Nicola, Escobar and Galen Ming.