Kip Caprini

Kip Caprini
There he was, the party’s host, Kip Caprini himself. Caprini was in his mid-fifties and holding up well. Very tall, a smooth shaved head, broad shoulders. He wore tight pants and a tighter black shirt that showed off his muscular upper arms. He was smooth and unlined, rugged yet polished. ... 

“Laurie Sparks.” Caprini stuck his hand out. He smiled. Capped teeth, tanned face, the skin a little tight over his nose and cheeks. Up close, it was obvious he’d been recently lifted, and his new face hadn’t yet had time to settle. “I noticed your name had magically appeared on my guest list.”

Kip Caprini is a famous fashion designer who peaked in the 1980s. He's a dangerous jerk.

In Bias Cut, he’s married to model Sofia Lee, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel. He is responsible for hiring Jerry Palamara to kill Joelle Sutton, Molly Gable, and Laurie Sparks; the hit on Laurie is unsuccessful.

In Lonely Satellite, he’s married to his former muse, Gina Davenport. He conspires with Gina to drug and kidnap Laurie and Jonathan Frisch.