Galen Ming

Galen Ming had impossibly smooth skin and thick black hair, kept longish in the front and very short in back. He wore a simple black sweater and pants, and he was one of the most beautiful people Nicola had ever seen.

In Bias Cut, Galen Ming is Kip Caprini’s former assistant. While working as a spy for Kip, Galen becomes Laurie Sparks’s lover.

In Lonely Satellite, Galen is a personal assistant to both Kip Caprini and Gina Davenport. He has close links to Nicola Strozyk, whom he contacts for help after Kip and Gina kidnap Laurie and Jonathan Frisch.

While not at all trustworthy, Galen is efficient and polite. He’s shady as all hell, but probably an okay guy at heart.