Bias Cut Secondary Characters

Danielle Marcin
Danielle was a knockout. Thick wavy hair caught back in a loose silk wrap and high, high cheekbones. She wasn’t wearing makeup, or at least not any that Nicola could see, and she had lines under her eyes, but her skin was smooth and clear and her bone structure was stellar.

Danielle Marcin is a Parisian boutique owner and former model, who is a former acquaintance of Sergio Sarmento and Joelle Sutton.

Molly Gable
Molly was adorable. Short red hair which she tried to wear in a sleek, sophisticated bob. Her natural curls had other ideas, and even as Nicola and Laurie talked with her, squeezed into a corner booth in a hot and crowded nightspot, they struggled to revert to a corkscrew shape.  Molly was in her early thirties, probably, which made her too old to be sending anyone all-caps messages beginning with “OMG!”, but she was so clearly smitten with Laurie that Nicola was willing to assume hormones had overridden common sense.

Molly was the head of wardrobe on the WB series Holmby Hills, which starred Gina Davenport. She was murdered by Jerry Palamara on the orders of Gina and Kip Caprini for knowing too much about Joelle Sutton.

Nashville Cabot
Nash smiled. She had a great smile, huge white teeth in a smooth brown face. Her generous frizz of hair was tied back in a silk scarf. Cropped pants, sleeveless cotton blouse, easy and breezy on a late-summer evening.

Nashville runs the popular reality-television website HyperReality. She’s a good friend of Nicola Strozyk.

Bennett Wheeler
A barrel-chested man in his thirties with a broad stubbly face and a head full of rough brown curls.

Bennett is a producer of MTV’s reality show NYC Elite, which stars Laurie Sparks.

Alex Weinberg
Alex looked good, whatever Laurie might have said about his hairline. An inch taller than Nicola, with long, lanky limbs. In jeans and a button-down shirt and his usual wire-rimmed glasses, he looked brainy and sensible, like the Yale English major he’d once been.

Alex is Nicola Strozyk’s former long-time boyfriend. He dumped Nicola to take up with Marissa Kestleman. Alex currently is the showrunner of the reboot of thirtysomething; prior to that, he was the showrunner of the L.A. Law reboot, which starred Gina Davenport.

Marissa Kestleman
The star of the thirtysomething reboot and Alex’s current lover.

Marissa is name-checked in Demon City, though she does not make an appearance.

Sabina Petrescu 
A Romanian-born model who was one of Joelle Sutton’s lovers. Sabina was murdered by Joel Sutton.

Alina Lowe aka Alina Galovan
An Armenian model who was one of Joelle Sutton’s lovers. As with Sabina Petrescu, Alina was murdered by Joel Sutton.

Cady Moss

Jerry Palamara 
Gina Davenport’s nephew. An Army veteran-turned-hitman, Jerry kills Joelle Sutton and Molly Gable and attempts to kill Laurie Sparks.

Natalie Sutton
Joel Sutton’s fourth wife.