Young Park

The homeless man looked up as they passed, and Felix realized he was a woman. Asian, short hair bleached almost white, two inches of dark roots standing out against her skull. Her right eye was misshapen, the corner pulling down toward her ear. She was missing an arm, the empty right sleeve of her overcoat pinned up to her shoulder. She noticed Felix’s attention and scowled at him, her expression violent, and Felix looked away.

In Demon City, Young Park is a former Rose Princess who was crippled in a car accident several years ago. She lives on Skid Row and is currently dating Jamie. She was childhood friends with Poppy Kang.

Young Park is part of Los Angeles' supernatural hierarchy, though she clashes with Sparky Mother. She's in charge of watching over the homeless and marginal population. She has supernatural abilities, but she's unaware of their extent and doesn't know how to access them.