Ridpath grinned. “You and a lot of viewers, Felix.” Felix would never get over the faint thrill that came from having celebrities smile at him and address him by name. “When I got the first script, man, I was just blown away by all the twists. We have some amazing writers. I love the direction they’re taking Carlos.”

That would be Carlos Mater, Ridpath’s character. The press kit for Anathema summarized Carlos as “. . . the handsome and dangerous head of a shadowy cabal of powerful criminals who head up Los Angeles’ supernatural underbelly.” Before heading for his set visit, Felix had looked up the definition of “cabal”. And of “Anathema”.

In Demon City, Anathema is a hit television show created by Vish and starring Ridpath Washburn and Charlotte Dent. Their characters are loosely based on Sparky Mother and Poppy Kang; Vish created the show after the events of Wrong City as a way to annoy Sparky. Sparky, naturally enough, loves the show.