“One more thing, Dom. What do you know about Zephyr?” Laurie asked.

Dominick paused. He wrinkled his brow. “Zephyr? The security guys?”

“Yeah. They’re crawling all over the church. Just wondering if you know anything. Anything bad, I mean. They’re creepy.”

“They’re okay, far as I know. I mean, they’ve been around for years. You run into them all over the place in town, they’ve got their main offices here. A lot of the casinos have standing contracts with them instead of hiring their own security people. They seem to attract a lot of power-mad dickheads, but you can say the same about any security service. They’re not evil.”

In Lonely Satellite, Zephyr is the private Las Vegas-based security force hired by Pastor Kyle to protect the Church of the Scorched Earth.

Ferris, a Zephyr division chief, was assigned to protect Maggie Sparks while she visited Vegas for the opening of the convention center more than a decade before the events of Lonely Satellite. At Joel Sutton's request, he shot and killed her. He shot young Laurie Sparks as well, though Laurie managed to survive.